Where to go?


Niagara Falls

August 6th, 2011 – in Niagara Falls again

It was hot and humid. I was  sweating a lot.

Maybe it’s because I went there but not from my own free will.

I couldn’t enjoy much.

But so? I still saw a lot people with happy faces.

Guess I should try to enjoy every moment, every minutes in my life, right?


Lavender tea~~hmmmm…..

thinking about lavender, it brings me the relaxing feel.

When I have sleep trouble, I sometimes take the lavender tea

or have 2 drops of essential oil on my pillow.

It helps me to sleep better ^^

Mini Cutie Desserts


It’s not my first time seeing these little round colourful desserts.

I should say I’d never paid attention to it every time I saw it.

Somehow in past few days,  some blogs I’d visited were all talking about these  cutie things.

Little by little, I became so curious about the taste.

Last week, I went online and surf to see if there were any good bakery stores in Toronto.

I was glad that I found an article “French macarons are a sweet trend” written by Susan Sampson.

In this article, it had a list of the bakery stores which could guide me where to go.

I chose La Bamboche. Why? It was because I found the website’s pictures were really attractive.

Everything looked so yummy there!!


There were 2 stores located on Avenue Road and Manor Street.

Me and my hubby went to the one on Avenue Road because it was nearby.

The store itself had very simple decorations with laid-back feel.

I picked 6 Macarons ($2.50 each), 1 cake ($5.95) and hot chocolate ($3-small).

We sat down and enjoyed the desserts.


I was more impressed from the cake.

It had sour, sweet fruity taste. Very nice!!

I almost packed another piece home.

I didn’t pack another cake because I still had 4 macarons left.

Somehow I felt macarons were too sweet for me, so I decided to pack them home.


The macarons were crunch outside and soft inside. ( I guess everyone knows it  :P)

When I got home, I told myself that I must finish them since it wasn’t cheap 😛

Then I cut them in half and started taking one by one.

OMG! How come I felt so different when I ate them this time?

It tasted so GOOD!!

I couldn’t stop myself and I finish them in no time.

I told my hubby that I MUST go again soon and have more macarons 😛

coz it tasted really good!!  \(^ ^)/

I guess I was rush to go another store this afternoon, so I had no mood to enjoy them.

Next time, I think I’ll try the one located on Manor Street.


For the people who are interested

La Bamboche

1712 Avenue Road

Toronto, Ontario

M5M 3Y6





My winter lip balm

Friday is my usual day off.

It’s a day to enjoy my life without anyone bothering.

I make coffee, cook some simple dishes and watch interesting programs….

I feel so relax.  ^^

Yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I used up all my lip balm.

I quickly went back to look for my notes and made some new ones for myself.


Cocoa Butter 15g

Primrose Oil 2g

Ricebran Oil 3g

Herbal Oil (Gromwell) 2g

Beeswax 4g

Rose EO 1g



I tried this last night.

The lip balm moisturizes my lips so well.

but I  feel the hardness of the lip balm isn’t good enough.

Maybe I should try more beeswax next time  😛